8 Awesome Outdoor DIY Projects for Kids

8 Awesome Outdoor DIY Projects for KidsWith sum­mer in full gear, it’s get­ting harder and harder to enter­tain the kids. But before you let them park it in front of the TV or gam­ing con­sole, here are eight super fun & kid-approved DIY project ideas to keep them enter­tained out­doors, in the fresh air.

diy sandbox on castersDIY Mod­ern Sand­box on Cast­ers
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Build your lit­tle one the sand­box of their dreams. It’s basi­cally like a raised gar­den bed, but filled with play sand instead of soil and edi­ble plants for count­less hours of fun. The cast­ers make it easy to move and store, and you can even sew a cover to avoid bugs and friendly vis­its from the neighbor’s cat.

DIY Outdoor Reading Shade Tent for KidsDIY Out­door Read­ing Cor­ner
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Set up a read­ing spot in the shade for your prince or princess. You can use a shower cur­tain and its metal ring or sew your own. Sum­mer read­ing will be a walk in the park!

DIY Outdoor Shower for KidsDIY Out­door Shower
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Hot and sticky out­side? Set up an out­door shower for the kids in min­utes and let them play in the water. Fun guar­an­teed, no flota­tion device required!

DIY Outdoor Climbing Wall for KidsDIY Out­door Climb­ing Wall
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If you have a “dead” out­door wall, why not let your lit­tle adven­turer climb Mount Ever­est in the back­yard? Make sure the land­ing ground is soft (or add a padded mat­tress in case of a fall).

DIY Outdoor Music Station for KidsDIY Out­door Music Sta­tion
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Cre­ate a music sta­tion for your lit­tle Beethoven using kitchen uten­sils. Now that looks like fun!

DIY Outdoor Hanging Bed for KidsDIY Out­door Hang­ing Bed
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Your lit­tle one will demand his or her nap time if it’s in one of these awe­some hang­ing beds! A pal­let, a tree, a har­ness, and some elbow grease, and bonne nuit les petits!

DIY Backyard Tiki Toss Game for KidsDIY Lawn Games
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How about a DIY Tiki Toss game? This project will keep the entire fam­ily entertained!

DIY Backyard Games: Giant Checkerboard DIY Giant Back­yard Check­ers
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And finally, another DIY project for both kids and adults alike! If you have enough space in the back­yard, cre­ate the set­ting for a seri­ous game of back­yard check­ers. Team the par­ents against the kids and let the entire fam­ily go to town!

Happy sum­mer!