12 DIY Vintage Decor Ideas

25+ Easy to Make DIY Vintage Decor Ideas

1. DIY vintage Christmas Postcards

DIY vintage Christmas Postcards

Holiday greetings done right! Who doesn’t want a personalized greeting card? This website gives step by step instructions to make your very own and personalized Christmas post cards. This is a perfect way to make your Christmas wishes to your loved ones unique and stand out amongst the rest. The instructions are very detailed and easy to follow. Give this site a try next Christmas for a wow factor in your card.

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2. DIY hand-stamped eggs


With easter just around the corner, it is time to get creative in the egg hunting affair. This site gives you step by step instructions to create hand stamped eggs! How cool is that? But these eggs can be personalized to fit any time of the year and any occasion.

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3. DIY $10 Vintage Sled

 DIY $10 Vintage Sled

For winter adventures in style and personality, try out this website. It is a guide to create fashionable vintage sleds. Though this may seem like a bit much to take on, the site provides step by step illustrations on how to go about the project. You can download vintage sled pattern pieces directly from the site and get started.

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4. Porch Pampering

Porch Pampering

If your porch is looking like it can use a bit of help in the looks department—check this out. This site promises a nice and short guide to giving the entrance of your home a new look. With step by step photos of a home owner who conducted the project, it takes you through the process in a manner you can understand.

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5. Pallet Love

Pallet Love

If you want to decorate your home space without breaking the bank and STILL make it look unique and designer, this website is the place to go. It offers free instructions on making DIY decorative objects for your home for cheap and generally recycled material. It is a fun and creative blog that you will enjoy getting into the projects it has.

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6. Cabinets Made from Suitcases

Cabinets Made from Suitcases

So you like suitcases? Great! This site is for you. It offers a number of projects for fun, quirky, and unique stuff to make for your living space. I mean who wouldn’t want a cabinet made out of a suitcase? You don’t hear or see that a lot—all the more reason you should check this site out.

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7. Ki Nassauer’s Vintage Suitcase Shelves

Ki Nassauer's Vintage Suitcase ShelvesThis one is very similar to the one above it—only difference is that this site creates shelves from suitcases instead of cabinets. It is a fun way to get more storage space in your living area by re-using things that you generally wouldn’t think would serve the purpose. But the fun doesn’t end there. There are a number of additional projects for almost anything you will be looking for.

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8. Guest Room

Guest Room

Maybe you have once seen a home and living magazine and it made you cry a little bit because of all the stuff you DON’T have but COULD have! Check out these DIY tips on getting that designer home vibe going on in your own home without breaking the bank or hiring an interior designer.

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9. What to buy for your cat: cool suitcase

What to buy for your cat: cool suitcase

Another site and another creative way to re-use those old suitcases. If you have a cat and do not really have a home for it, this is for you. This site, amongst many other interesting DIY project, takes you through re-making an old suitcase into a personalized comfy home and nook for your furry friend! Your pet will thank you for it.

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10. The Re|Surface Table

The Re|Surface Table

Okay—this one is pretty neat! A table that can change just like that! For a home that needs a little jazz to spice it up, the re-surface table can do just that! This site gives you the firsthand look of all the personalizing possibilities you can experience with this table.

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11. The Accidental Finish

The Accidental Finish

Having mail lying around everywhere is never something to be happy about. This site takes you through making pallets for your mail. These pallets are nice and distressed, adding a little zest and personality to the entire home.

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12. Suitcase vanity & towel holder

Suitcase vanity & towel holder

This one is all about how you can turn an old suitcase into a vanity and towel holder. It gives you step by step instructions and list of materials for you to create your very own suitcase vanity and towel holder. You will be happy with the results because probably none of your friends have such a cool vanity and they’ll start asking you where you got the idea! Shhh

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